dBaze is simply entrepreneurial

dBaze helps small and mid-sized companies that sell hours
regarding the organization and management of processes.

dBaze v17

The version is based on FileMaker 17

dBaze is used in Switzerland.

Why dBaze?

  • Mac, Windows, iOS/Mobile, Web
  • Single seat to 100 users
  • Generic design based on ISO9001
  • Can be easily extended thanks to the FileMaker Plattform and the dBaze framework
┬źdBaze is the daily working tool for Aroma. The software structures and controls our processes and helps us to manage and calculate our projects and to deliver them on time.┬╗
Lukas Meier,
Owner Aroma AG, Zurich Switzerland

The following companies use dBaze.

Philippe Weibel
Future Connection
Agentur Herzblut
Atelier BOOM
Eclipse Studios